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I just picked an existing formula of mine that returned a date so I could eliminate the easy solutions first. I just now got a chance to look at your formula more closely and it looks like the issue is you are combining 2 different return types in the if-then-else statements... Number and Date.


Create a new Formula field and use the date() function and your original Formula field name as the argument it will show the date when, for example, the condition...


if 'Service Type' = 4 and 'Miles or Months' = 2 and Item = 7 then
date(today() + 1080)


is met. Or, if you were to separate the Number if-then-else statements from the Date if-then-else statements they would both work correctly.


I broke the miles string apart from the months and tested each individually. Each worked as desired. My next step is to end the string at eye end of miles with “end” then insert the Months string. Just haven’t had a chance yet. Thank you for your assistance

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