Best solution to print texts with a record data if there are many of these texts?

I have a Patients table with their data (name, id number,...).

Each time a patient does a different treatment he has to sign a corresponding informed consignment (IC).
There are 20+ of these ICs for different treatments.

So i want to be able to select the patient, select the needed IC, insert the patint data in it, and print to PDF.

What would be the best solution to this:
1) how/where keep the texts of these ICs?
2) how to insert the patient data in the selected IC and print it?

I know about print layouts, buy they seem not convenient for 20+ different texts, no?


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In save mode, click "Data Model" tab and create a patient table and IC table, each with appropiate fields. To create the parent-child relation, open the IC table. Then click "Create Table Reference" on the right and drag the patient relation over to the left. Then double-click the patient relation and change the Composition popup to Yes and click OK.


Then open the patients list and create a record, enter data and save. Click plus icon on relation view below to add a related IC form. The IC form can have both related patient and IC form data.


You could just store the text of the ICs in the IC table, or if you want to avoid redundant data you could create another "IC Text" table as a child of the IC table. If you do that, then the "IC Text" table would become a templates table, from which you could select desired text. To print a IC form you would go to the IC table's form view and then to the print preview. The print preview is very flexible, you can place text fields on the print preview from current and related tables.


Another alternative is to go to the IC table's form print preview, and create a new tab for each form, and then import an image of each IC form, under each tab. Then place the variable text over the form image. I see you have 20+ forms, so this approach might not be so good, depending on the size and shape of the forms, and the number of forms per page. You can put one form on top of another form, if you want to print more than one form per page. Hope this helps. Good luck!



A giant Thank you for such a detailed explanation!!! I appreciate very much your time and desire to help!!!

I'll choose the 3 table approach because I wanted to keep the templates separate.

Will try to configure this through the weekend.

But if I get stuck permit me to ask you help!


Good weekend and best regards!