Application DMS Document management system with Ninoxdb

I have to create a DMS soon for a client. The client must be able to drop files by dragging and dropping, adding tags, adding metadata, doing research on the files and their content. Do you think that with Ninox I can do this? Especially drag and drop it from multiple files. How to search in the content files? Of course this app must be webbased.

If i cant do that with ninox, another solution?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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What does "doing research on the files and their content" imply?  


1.  Drag / Drop ... Yes.. (mostly) .. you can drag files onto an "image" field .   So that is one file at a time. 

2.  Collect meta data.. Yes.. I would do a composite table of tag / values. 


Here is the kicker.. "How to search in the content files" ... hmm.. without trying to get real tricky... the "image" file would have to be parseable / readable..   Sure .. there is the "raw" function ... but that would not do for DOCX, PDFs, etc.. 


If the back end file store was something like GoogleDocs.. there may be a way to use the googleAPI to scan file contents.. 


Let us see what the rest of the community recommends. 

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Oh.. you can drag / drop multiples if using attachments.. but if the meta data is different.. you would have to get creative.