Translator in the CR database

Please add an API translator in the CR database

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Thank you for your input.

We would like to understand your enquiry better. Could you please explain your issue a little bit more detailed? 

What do you want to achieve / What do you want to have as the result? 

That would probably help us to give you a better support.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best, Jörg

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@S More.. are you referring to a language translator?  I did post a use case about using the google translate.. I was hoping Ninox support would pick up on it.. That said. I guess I could download the CR database.. add it myself.. then contribute it back.. because the Ninox folks are busy enhancing the core platform. :)   OHHH. that said..  Add a "translate" function and global configuration as to which translator enginee you want to use.. :)