Ninox support/forums app

I would like to see a separate Ninox app just for its forums, to easily go on for manuals/support, or an integration into the Ninox app to easily access the forums! 


I second that excellent idea from S. Moore.


I thought about S.Moore's request for a support/forums app.  After seeing similar frustration in other posts on this forum, I decided to go ahead and try something myself, using simple AI without waiting for any "feature request". 

The AI got useful results, quickly.  You can read about it here:


I'm not sure what you posted there, Ron.


S. Moore -

1- If you make a feature request for "a separate Ninox app just for its forums", you will be waiting a very long time.

2- You CAN have an app for the forums and the user manual COMBINED by using simple artificial intelligence software.  And you can have that today -- I did.  The link you see is to another post on this forum where I explained how.

You are welcome to ask any further questions, either here or in email.  Your original post on this topic is what got me moving in this direction,  I'm happy to encourage you in exchange.

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Best, Alex