My feeling is Ninox would be better as a file based database.
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I want to preface this by saying I do like Ninox, I just think it could be much better by making this change. Most of the issues I've encountered since buying Nonox are related to how Ninox manages multiple databases. Almost every other app I have creates separate files, Ninox places all databases inside the app. Thus, I cannot do a simple backup and restore, and I can't rely on Id numbers as a reference since Ninox will change them at times. I'm a single user. I would prefer separate files for databases, have those files stored in the cloud, and when I make changes, the changes are made to the cloud file so there is no need to sync.

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Hello Bruce,

We suggest to have a consulting call with you to help you with your requirements on Ninox. 

Please let us know when you are available,


Sakshi - Ninox

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I will do that. Thanks