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This is a continuation of Peter's thread, which was apparently deleted with the purge of the spam posts. I am suggesting a new Layout Element that would use the HTML <fieldset> tag to group fields on the the Form page which appears to be rendered using HTML anyway. It could be implemented in a way similar to adding fields to a table. Here is a screen shot from the Mac app that shows what I'm talking about...


Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 4.16.21 PM


The groups are just Formula fields in this case and use the html() function. The "Style" option has the "Background color" set to RGB 238, 238, 238. Here is the formula if anyone wants to try it out...


<legend>Group 1:</legend>
<input type=""text"" name=""Text1"" value=""Testing 1"">
<input type=""text"" name=""Text2"" value=""Testing 2"">


Text6 and Text7 are Ninox Text fields and the Groups are formula fields using the html() function.

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@Sean.. +1..