Copy and Paste a column using a button

Good afternoon all,

I am pretty new into coding/ninox. I need a code that can be triggered through the use of a button and allow the user to do the following: 

- Copying the overall costs column within the last 30 days

Pic 1

- Paste the selected column/cells into the 'Paid applied to date' column

Pic 2

-As you can see from the above pic, 'This application' column/cells should be the difference between 'Overall Costs' and 'Paid/Applied to Date'

Please let me know if you need more info.

Meanwhile I would like to thank whoever is able to help.

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While this is certainly possible.. I question the motivation...   This sounds like an accounting credit / debit relationship..   If you simply "copy" the fields.. How do you know the invoices were actually "paid" .. without tracking the detailed payment? 




@Mconneen first I would like to thank you for getting back to me.

I have just received an update from my manager as he doesn't need to reset within the last 30 days.

The above is just an example in order to explain what function the button is supposed to trigger. All the fields regarding payment tracking have already been created.

Probably I can get the copy and paste bit to work using the following code:

for thisRecord in select TA do

        thisRecord.'Paid/Applied to Date' := thisRecord.Overall Costs


but please correct me if I am wrong.

Do you know what should I add to the code in order to have also the difference between 'Overall Costs' and 'Paid/Applied to Date' inside the 'This application' column/cells?

Thanks for the help.


let Paid/Applied to Date := paste;
let Value of units completed := copy;
for thisRecord in select Items do
 thisRecord.paste := thisRecord.copy

The above code added to the button seems to work but it is taking ages to upload.

Anyone able to tell me why?