Conditional Formatting of Formula Cells

This is common in Spreadsheets and in the Ragic online database.

It enables you to set the colour of the cell/field based on the calculated value. For instance, if it is less than zero you can have it coloured Red, if =0, Yellow and if >0 green.

Is there a way to do this in Ninox, or are there plans to do this?

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You can use the syled() function like this:

styled("Some text", if calc=2 then "#ff0000" else "#0000ff" end,"","")

It's -> styled("Text", bgcolor, color, icon)



Hi Birger,

Thanks for the reply. That works.

Looks like the 'Styled()' function is very useful. Can you include this in the documentation? I had looked althrough the docs and could not find any information like this. I had also searched the forum and found nothing. However, searching today on 'Styled' I found a few good posts.

Thanks for the help.


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Hi Monions, 

Thanks for your feedback. Information about the styled() function can be found in the chapter "Reference of Functions and Language" here:

We are working already on the improvement of the User Manual. Thanks for your patience.

Best, Jörg


Thanks Jorg. I had looked through there a few times but missed it. I've found it now, thanks.