Chart with total invoices/month for Three years


I am a new Ninox user. Working as a physiotherapist, I made a Patient table and another Consultation. Everything is going well, I can view the consultations of each patient and edit the invoice. I would like to do some statistics. How can I make a chart by comparing the total invoices for each month over the last three years (bar charts). I would like to see, for each month the total invoices for the last trhree years (3 differents color). I have no idea how to proceed (algorithm). Could you help me. Thank you very much.

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See the Nioxus video on "Data Visualization" at:


Thanks for your help but I have already seen this video and I know how to make a chart. I did one to see the total invoices per year. My problem is to make an algorithm to visualize per month over the last three years, the total invoices. A color per year for the twelve months. As in this diagram:

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I've got a template for this:
Yearly (all)
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Thank you very much for your reactivity and availability. Your template is perfect with my tables!!!