Auto Backup for iCloud
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I have my database in iCloud so that I can use the iOS apps. Problem is the data is hidden, and should something go wrong; then there is no way to recover it from iCloud. Ninox's solution is to "Save Archive as..." That means I need to remember to perform the command every so often to have a relatively current backup. I used my Keyboard Maestro app to create a macro to do the backup every two hours. It kind of works, but it fails if I'm working at the same time the macro triggers. Some other apps I use offer automatic backups set for a predetermined time or number of operations. I can choose to replace the file or create a new file. These are good solutions since they happen in the background and don't affect my workflow. I feel some solution like this would be a great addition to Ninox unless there's a future way to restore a Ninox file from iCloud.

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This is a real important feature request. It is part of our feature request database. It is not yet possible.


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I added an alert to my Ninox Keyboard Maestro backup macro so that (alert) pop-up appears before the backup triggers. That works better making for less macro failures. Keep in mind this is a workaround. I hope you folks can make it work within Noinox in the future. Thanks, Birger.

If anyone else wants to try my Keyboard Maestro macro, let me know and I will send you a screenshot and explanation.