Adress-book and sms access
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I'm managing my professional scheduling with a Ninox personal development.

For each appointment, i have to copy-paste the phone number of a new customer, re-seize his name, then copy-paste an automatic text confirming his appointment in a new sms.

It'll very usefull to have access to the adress book and sms of my iPhone/iTab or Mac to make these steps automatically.

Thank you.

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Dear Pascal, 

You can already import your Apple contacts into ninox with the function "import data". If choose there 'Contacts' you will be able to contacts. 

If you store the telefonnumbers in a "Phone" field you can tip on the little phone sign on the right hand side in the field and will open your default calling app with that number, ready to call or send an SMS.

Best, Jörg

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In fact, this doesn't work. I don't want to have to import all my contacts to manage them. The add of new contact in my database will oblige me to make the same thing in the Apple contact book, so this is not more simple and will have to manually verify the sync between contact databases.

Your tip concerning the sms doesn't work : only the phone call is possible when you clic on the phone sign without any choice, and even if it was working, it'll not be enough to send automatically the composed sms to my customer. I will have to copy-paste the generated text like now with only one clic less.

Well... thank you for the response, but that didn't help me.