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Join 99,000 Ninox users who have discovered how easy it is to build powerful database applications to increase productivity and save time.

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Choose from a variety of CRM-, Inventory-, Invoicing- , and other pre-made databases — all designed to make your work that much better, and you life that much easier.

Create Custom Business Apps fast and easy!

Every Business in the world is unique and has its proprietary processes. So should be the tools used for daily work to fit the real needs like a tailormade shirt.

  • Create forms and Fields
  • Customize Everything
  • Integrate what you need

I recommend this application as a great way to compile live data as you need it, and create relationships between different tables quickly.

adventure_tense, via Appstore

Invite your teammates!

Empower your team to collaborate and to be more productive. Reduce coordination efforts and save time to focus on what really matters.

  • No Excel Ping-Pong
  • Real-Time Sync
  • Define Rights & Roles

This app has opened a new door for managing projects at work. The key benefit is being able to generate and update data directly on the factory floor.

Michael S.

All your business data on the go!

The Ninox apps for iOS are top rated. With the App you even have access when you are on the field or in a plane without internet connection.

Excellent, lightweight yet sophisticated and powerful database system. I can't find anything else like it available for iOS and Mac.

Steve V.

Our users are satisfied

This is the database development product for iOS that I've been waiting for, at a fraction of the total "all in" cost of FileMaker.

Belly Nelly Ninox Testimonial

This really is an outstanding product. More than “just” a database, it’s an entire application development platform.

Andy M Ninox Testimonial

Quick, appetizing, it waltzes through changes in schema without a hitch or complaint. This is not even on the same planet as a flat-filer––with some planning, you can achieve 2nd normal form. Worth five stars.

hr1832 Ninox Testimonial

The more you think about new ways to track data, the more useful this software becomes. It’s quickly becoming an indispensable tool for me. Highly recommended.

adventure_tense Ninox Testimonial

It's like Excel on steroids....w/ excellent (& reliable) cloud storage support. Someone has outdone themselves!

KAVMUSIC Ninox Testimonial